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2019 at a Glance

Established in 2019, the MedTech Accelerator is a collaboration between Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson), McGill, Biomedical Zone, and MedTech Canada. MedTech industry members need innovative solutions to address a shortage of skilled and experienced employees. The Accelerator works to solve this problem by implementing a training program designed to develop and launch the next generation of industry-ready talent for the Canadian Medical Technology sector. The Accelerator trains graduate students at Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) and McGill to gain new talents that enable them to be industry-ready.               

Graduate students (Master’s & PhD) from an array of relevant graduate programs in science and engineering are introduced to engage in sector-specific exposure, training and experiential learning opportunities.  The goal of this NSERC-CREATE program is to provide graduate students with industry-focused skills and training through three distinct components: Exposure, Training, and Experience.

Students gain Exposure to the medical technology sector through various R&D Innovation Seminars and an industry-focused HackMedTech challenge. Students receive Training through an Industry R&D training course which includes professional development, EDI activities, and Job Shadowing. Students then gain Experience through the R&D internships and mentorships. These internships are a major component of our training program. 

Graduates of this program will develop a strong understanding of the Canadian Medical Technology Sector, MedTech product development processes and challenges, and will obtain hands-on experience enabling them to immediately transition to Industry.

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We acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).