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Explore MedTech

Explore MedTech

Explore MedTech

Experience MedTech

Explore MedTech
Explore MedTech

The first phase in the MedTech Talent Accelerator program is exposure to the medical technology sector through seminars and experiential activities focused on industry challenges. Explore MedTech events take place while students are undertaking the coursework and research of their graduate program. The events are open to everyone - no application is required to participate.

Innovation Seminars
10 seminars per year

10 seminars are offered each year

10 seminars per year

Offered at Toronto Metropolitan University, McGill, Dalhousie, and University of Calgary

Innovation seminars showcase industry challenges and opportunities faced by individual Canadian MedTech companies. They're delivered by industry representatives from partnering companies and highlight the need for multi-disciplinary approaches to solve specific industry challenges. The seminars are held at Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson), McGill, Dalhousie, and the University of Calgary, and are shared virtually to allow students to participate at both institutions. 

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On a yearly basis, students participate in a 45-hour innovation hackathon (HackMedTech) to build solutions for the real-world challenges faced by the Canadian MedTech industry. Teams are comprised of Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson), McGill, Dalhousie, University of Calgary, and University of British Columbia students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds.

Through HackMedTech, students are given the opportunity to showcase their talent, build problem-solving skills, network with key industry leaders, and contribute to solving pressing business, social, and environmental problems faced within the industry. Industry and academic representatives also participate in the hack-a-thon as speakers, mentors, and judges and support students in developing their solutions.

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Experience MedTech
Experience MedTech

During The second phase, students develop sector specific skills through course work and mentorship opportunities. Students receive a program stripend for their involvement in these activities.

MedTech Industry-Readiness Training

The MedTech Talent Accelerator's Industry-Readiness Training Program includes mandatory courses that provide insight into today's medical technology industry. The self-paced online modules allow students to earn 4 badges that are endorsed by MedTech Canada and recognized by industry professionals.

Visit Training for more information. 

Job Shadowing
Students undertake a 2-day job shadow at partnering MedTech companies, which provided a unique opportunity for career exploration in the Canadian MedTech sector. By observing and participating in the day-to-day activities of industry mentors, students gain insight into their particular career path and make connections between their experience as a student and work requirements.
After successful completion of Experience MedTech courses, students take on a paid MedTech internship. Students are matched with partnering companies based on their interests, specific background, and current research within their graduate program.

Not only do internships provide MedTech work experience, they also build upon concepts delivered through the LifeCycle and Industrial R&D courses. Interns gain valuable industry-related skills and training while contributing to R&D initiatives of their host company.

Interns also work with an academic advisor who has experience in university-industry collaborations and is aligned with the specialty area of the host company. Through regular contact with industry hosts and academic advisors, students are supported throughout their internships and provided appropriate mentorship.
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We acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).