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"The preliminary courses provided by the MedTech Talent Accelerator are incredibly useful for interns entering the workforce"


The MedTech Talent Accelerator's Industry-Readiness courses provide essential skills and knowledge for careers in the medical technology industry. 

Upon successful completion of the modules, talent will be awarded digital badges recognized by Industry Professionals.
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Become MedTech Industry Ready in Weeks

​About MedTech Training


All talent in the MedTech Program are required to complete each course before starting their internship in the MedTech Industry.


Created with the help of Unity Health Network, Agile MV, Accenture, Bereskin & Parr LPP and various Professionals in the MedTech Industry, each module was created based on current industry needs.


By completing each course, students gain a digital badge to help validate their knowledge and create a digital showcase of their abilities.


Each digital badge is endorsed by MedTech Canada, the national association representing the Canadian medical technology industry.

Become MedTech Industry Ready in Weeks

​Course Information

Find out which course is right for you:
Research & Development
Business & Commercialization
Virtual Clinical Immersion Training
Professional Development
Research & Development

MedTech Research and Development

Gain a conceptual understanding and methodological competence that enables critical evaluation and improved work performance in technical research and development processes in the medical technology industry.  

The Industry-recognized digital badge is achieved upon completing the following modules:

Clinical Trials

  • Overview of Clinical Trials Unit

  • Clinical studies by design and phase

  • Medical Device trials

  • Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs)

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Reporting, patient-reported outcomes 

  • Health Canada Investigational Trial Application (ITA) 

Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs

  • Regulatory requirements for medical devices

  • Design controls for medical devices

  • FDA requirements

  • Health Canada Medical Device Licence

  • Recognized consensus standards and Quality Management Systems

  • Quality risk management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes

Clinical Research Ethics

  • Introduction to Research Ethics & Canadian/International Research Ethics Standards, Regulations & Guidance

  • Big Data & Open Science

  • Stem Cells, Genetic Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Medical Device Development

  • A special presentation by Agile MV, a medical device company based in Montreal, Quebec.

  • Comprehensive outline of the product development process for a high-risk medical device

Business & Commercialization

MedTech Business & Commercialization

Gain competence in the commercialization process by applying an existing body of knowledge in the critical analysis of a new medical technology.  Students will gain the ability to appreciate the broader implications of commercializing medical technology.  The goal of this module is to understand the complexity of the medical technology commercialization process, and of the potential impact of other stakeholders, jurisdictions, and incentives in the medical technology industry.

The Industry-recognized digital badge is achieved upon completing the following modules:

Intellectual Property

    • Copyright Protection and Data as IP

    • Trademark Protection, Trade Secrets

    • Patent searching and evaluation

    • Patent Applications

    • Exploiting patents, Licensing IP


  • Investment Readiness

  • Market Sizing & Valuation

  • Operating Plan & Financial Model

  • Strategy Integration & Communication

  • Funding Approaches

Digital Health

  • Digital Health Commercialization and Talent

  • Diverse Perspectives of Digital Health Innovation

  • Digital Health Innovation Framework

  • Macro-trends in Digital Health

  • Digital Health Product Development Process

Virtual Clinical Immersion Training

Virtual Clinical Immersion Training (VCIT)

​Gain competence in the healthcare system structure and processes enabling the critical evaluation of current medical methodologies and technologies used in the healthcare sector.

The Industry-recognized digital badge is achieved upon completing the following modules:

Healthcare System 
Structure and Approaches

  • Healthcare Jurisdictions

  • Procurement Process

  • Social Determinants

  • Diagnostics & Labs

  • Innovations and Trends 

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Privacy & Data

Simulations of Different Clinical Scenarios

  • Treating Acute Trauma in the ER 

  • Treating cardiac arrest (code blue) in an Intensive Care Unit 

  • Delivery followed by neonatal resuscitation of baby in medical distress (code pink) 

Virtual Reality Experience

  • Operating Room (OR)

  • Ultrasound Machine

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

  • Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan

  • Radiology

Professional Development

Professional Development

Gain an understanding of project management and workplace practices that will prepare individuals for a career in the medical technology industry.  Gain the ability to effectively communicate ideas, issues and conclusions clearly.

The Industry-recognized digital badge is achieved upon completing the following modules:

Workplace Awareness

  • Celebrating Differences and Diversity

  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence

  • Bullying and Violence

Professional Development

  • The Power of Networking

  • Working remotely

  • Project Management

  • Transferable Skills

Become MedTech Industry Ready in Weeks


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