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More than just an Internship
More than Just an Internship

Becoming Industry-ready within the MedTech sector requires more than just an Internship.

When it represents a valuable opportunity, Interning alone can't provide the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for work readiness within this complex and highly regulated industry.

Hands-on internship training

The MedTech Talent Accelerator program combines hands-on internship experience with training through course work, seminars, and mentorship.

Training introduces students to everything involved in bringing products and services to market and prepares them to more effectively contribute to research and development initiates during their internship. Through the program, students will develop the ability to:

  • Communicate across different expertise and backgrounds
  • Manage not only projects, but diverse people and businesses
  • Lead in an effective, ethical, and inclusive manor
  • Understand Intellectual Property (IP) and commercialization
  • Navigate ethical issues around leadership, privacy, and consent

Program Themes    

Orthapaedics & Wound Care
Orthopaedics & Wound Care
Cardiovascular & Diagnostics
Cardiovascular & Diagnostics
Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence
Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence
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