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VCIT Training Content 

    Training Content

The content delivered through the VCIT program was developed based on feedback from leaders in the medical technology industry. Thanks to our industry partners, the VCIT is able to offer content in areas that are most important to the industry providing enriching experiential learning opportunities that prepare students to become innovative leaders within the sector.

The VCIT program content is structured into four components:

Healthcare System and Approaches: Self-Paced Modules
 Module Description 
Healthcare JurisdictionsWhat are the various types of healthcare ecosystems, implementation processes, different levels and their interaction. Focus on North America and Europe
Procurement ProcessUnderstanding the Medical Technology Procurement Processes
Healthcare Flow ManagementUnderstanding how the healthcare system is managed within healthcare facilities to achieve optimal functioning. Include: Patient transitions, Workflow/ bedflow management, acute to post-acute
Innovations and TrendsUnderstanding the current trends observed, and the processes of implementing and adaptation to new innovative MedTech and Healthcare Technology
Social DeterminantsUnderstanding the factors that affect the MedTech Industry
Validation and CommercializationUnderstand the role of Healthcare practitioners in validating and commercializing medical technologies
Diagnostics/ LabsUnderstanding the components and functionality of Various Diagnostic Laboratories. Specialized Testing process and procedures using specialized diagnostic technology
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Understanding the development, implementation and utilization of AI in the MedTech Industry
Privacy / DataUnderstanding the processes and regulations in terms of Privacy and Data relating to the healthcare systems
Simulation Scenarios
Students are exposed to simulation and use of technology by clinicians in different clinical scenarios for in-depth understanding of diverse aspects of a clinical setting including: interaction of an inter-professional team, decision making rationale, planned course of treatment and activation of specific medical protocols, selection criteria for equipment/ technology and  deployment of equipment/ technology in the clinical setting.

Virtual Reality
It is through the Mixed Reality component that the VCIT trainees have an opportunity to virtually explore different clinical settings and better understand the physical flow of these spaces. 

Our virtual format  equipped with VR/AR component, gives trainees a life-like experience without the logistics of physically having trainees in these settings allowing new science and engineering talent from all over the province to receive the same experience and qualification. 

Eliminating the logistics of having trainees in busy operating rooms, including issues around patient confidentiality, limitations around number of trainees that could be present in the operating room, training and personal protection equipment, allows for higher output of skilled professionals through VCIT, benefiting and allowing us to qualify a larger number of new science and engineering talent supporting the quickest path to employment opportunities for this in-demand industry.

Clinical Exchange
The Clinical Exchange component includes live monthly seminars with clinicians focused on presenting technologies used in their practice where VCIT trainees have an opportunity to interact with clinicians and understand ‘pain-points’ and current gaps in the market.